From 2019 to the present


SaaS Student Management System designed for small to medium postsecondary educational institutions.

Responsibilities: PHP development.

The main directions of the company: fulfillment, custody services, shipping and courier services.

Responsibilities: improvement and support of the warehouse management system.

2018 - 2019


The site of construction services.

Responsibilities: maintenance of the entire technical part, coordination of performers, setting up the backoffice.

2017 - 2018


The website of cargo transportation in St.Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Responsibilities: maintenance of the entire technical part, coordination of performers, setting up the backoffice.

E-commerce startup

2016 - 2017

Responsibilities: writing from scratch api 2.0 product catalog, data migration from the previous version, functional and acceptance testing.

The result: a running of production version.

Responsibilities: development of message boards and forum (Symfony, Silex, Doctrine ORM, Phalcon).

Result: media server writing and migration of all data from the old engine, solution of current tasks for the project concerning SEO, improvements frontend.


Responsibilities: development on PHP with Zend FW + SOAP system of booking of tickets.

Result: implementation of statistics module, generation of travel reports for clients, solving problems related to customer support in case of booking system failure, improvement of the frontend part.

Responsibilities: automation of internal processes of telecommunication company, integration with 1C.

The result: writing a service for installers, organizing code in GIT, composer, setting up Redmine for team work with code.

2010 — 2015

Responsibilities: development and support of system of booking air, train, hotels(PHP, SOAP, XML, node.js, backbone.js, grunt, LESS).

The result: integration with Sabre GDS, launch and implementation redmine in the team work, networks, participation in server administration, writing the TOR, the block diagrams, test automation(phpunit, selenium, mocha.js) customer support in the event of difficult cases.

Opensource: development of jade/pug template wrapper in coffeescript.



Responsibilities: news portal support, gradual migration to Drupal.

Result: development and support of highload portals: